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Klouds (Australia)

The Klouds journey started well before the first pair came off the production line in 2001. The creator, Paul Carroll, was born in Dublin Ireland in 1942, and was always destined to continue previous generations of boot-making in his family.

After learning the craft of surgical bootmaking, he left his beloved Ireland and moved with the majority of his family to begin a new life in Australia. Upon arriving in Perth Western Australia in 1963, Paul was never afraid of work and accepted a job in a footwear factory on only his second day in his newly adopted country. After sweeping the floor on his first day Paul left the factory 11 years later as the director of the company. During his time in the factory, Paul was able to cleverly use his hands on surgical boot making skills to create patterns and lasts while at the same time learn the more automated manufacturing processes including the technology behind creating light weight, durable rubber soles.

His footwear journey continued in 1974 when he opened his own shoe repair and retail shoe shop. Paul always the entrepreneur soon saw a growing opportunity in the footwear industry by implementing his bootmaking skills combined with offering quality footwear labels from around the globe and developed a niche comfort footwear market for wide and difficult to fit feet, including the making of bespoke footwear. This solid basis soon allowed him to venture into other locations and he opened two more stores.

In the late 90’s Paul and his son John who had now joined him several years earlier in the business strongly believed for the company to continue to grow further they had to develop their own footwear brand. They had measured and fitted thousands of feet for comfortable supportive shoes, many had to accomodate correctional devices (orthotics). Large numbers of these shoes had to be modified or customised to provide the correct support. A distinctive trend appeared in the modifications they were creating and at that point a decision was made to begin prototyping samples for their new brand - ‘Klouds’.

Over the next two years with lengthy consultations with podiatrists and other health specialists Paul and John began developing lasts, patterns and footbeds for their shoes. In 2001 Klouds was officially born. Beautifully crafted ladies shoes to accommodate the comfort and supportive needs of the modern women without having the visual qualities of orthopaedic footwear. Over the past 16 years the brand has evolved and grown significantly with design teams and international sourcing agents ensuring the quality of leather and components met the strict standards expected of Klouds.

Klouds and the sub-brand ‘Silver Lining’ is now sold in every state of Australia as well as New Zealand and the United States and is truly a market leader in the comfort footwear business.